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A great school event combines entertainment with learning. Not just an entertainer, Paul holds a bachelor's degree in education and understands the power of linking school messages with magic! Schools have enjoyed:



Many schools have found Paul's magic show to be as appealing as a carnival, but without the hours of work. We bring all you need for a wonderful assembly or event! 

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"I just wanted to let you know that we had our kick-off assembly today with magician Paul Brewer, and he was fantastic! All the students, from kindergarten through sixth grade, were enthralled by his presentation. He used such a great mix of magic and humor that kept their attention, and used every opportunity to "put in a plug" for reading. He gave away books as prizes to helpers, and he even donated some books for our school. What a great way to kick-off our involvement with Road to Success!"

- Jana Isaacson, South Weber Elementary

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