STEM on Stage

Safe, Fun School Assemblies are Back!

Some recent feedback from the STEM on Stage Assembly:

"Thank you for coming to [our] Elementary and presenting your incredible concept of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The kids (and adults) LOVED you and your presentation, and learned SO MUCH!  And adding the “magic” theme to everything made it all seem so fun and educational.

I am so grateful for people like you that care so much for our children and their education. And for working so hard to make things work during this tricky time of the pandemic. It worked out very well to have a few classes come to watch in person, with the rest watching in their classrooms via Zoom. It was so much fun! And I hope that more schools will invite you to come present in this way.

Thank you for all you do. And utilizing your talents and knowledge in creating such a unique, fun, and educational way to teach and inspire our children."
-Amanda B.,  Elementary School Teacher, February 2021

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Science is Magic!

Paul and Brooklyn have teamed up with the scientists at the STEM Action Center of Utah to create a show that displays the magic of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Book one for your school with the form above.